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A r t    T e a c h e r

M r s    Y a m a m o t o

F a l l    2 0 1 9

Primary    Grades   2-4

Monday - Friday

2nd Grade
Textured Collages


Students will paint their own paper patterns, to create unique collage paper, inspired by children's book Illustrator Eric Carle.

3rd Grade
The Great Wave

September - October

Students will use chalk pastel over painted tempera to recreate the view of Mount Fuji by artist Katsushika Hokusai.

3rd Grade Pointillism

September - October

Students will use dots of paint to complete a still life composition using complementary colors.

Impressionist Painter: George Seurat

4th Grade
California Landscapes

October - November

Students will use perspective drawing techniques to create the illusion of space, and use oil pastel and watercolor to complete a resist-painting.

Featured Painter: Karen Winters

G r a d e    5

Monday - Friday

Lincoln Busts

August - September
Students will hand build a clay bust statue in the likeness of Abraham Lincoln. Students will learn clay techniques in three-dimensional form, and adding and subtracting clay.

Spirit Bowls

August - September
Students will create a bowl inspired by a Native American Animal Spirit.  Students will learn how to make a pinch pot, etching and adding and subtracting clay.

G r a d e    6

Monday - Friday

Cave Painting

(Classes on Camp)
Students will create a hand printed stencil using washable spray paint. Students depict Cave Painting symbols using dry and wet and pigment. Research from the Bradshaw Foundation.

Two-Point Perspective

(Classes on Camp)
Students will create a Two-Point Perspective drawing, of a city corner. Students apply watercolor in a monochromatic color scheme, inspired by San Francisco Artist, Paul Madonna.
S p r i n g   2 0 2 0

Primary   Grades

Monday - Friday

2nd Grade
Foam Prints

April - May

Students will etch insect drawings into foam plates, then print using a rubber brayer and block printing ink, creating a negative image.

3rd Grade Watercolor Constellations

February - March

Students will create texture using wax crayons, and value using watercolors, to complete a resist painting/collage. Inspired by
Zoo in the Sky illustrator Christina Balit

4th Grade Clay Quails

March - April

Students will hand build clay sculptures, to form the likeness of a Quail, the California State Bird.
Inspired by Fresno native, Artist Margaret Hudson.

Upper    Grades

Monday - Friday

5th Grade
Limner Portraits

January - February

Students will sketch the human face using proportion, and paint with tempura. Inspired by folk artists during Colonial America.

6th Grade
Chinese Ink Brush



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